BARC New Year’s Message 2019

Far too many Belizeans still consider Amateur Radio “technology for my grandpa generation”. In their minds, many people still conjure up images of large radio equipment with hundreds of knobs, lights and large microphones to speak into. Knobs and lights too difficult to understand.

However, when told that today there are many amateur radio satellites circling the globe that provide communications from one country to the other with hand-held radios they are amazed. When shown images of communications between the International Space Station and amateur operators on the ground many people are astonished. And when one demonstrates how amateur radio computer networks provide real-time contact from one continent to another via the internet there is even more astonishment!

Here at the Belize Amateur Radio Club (BARC) we have accepted the challenge to educate the public about the benefits of this “modern hobby”. And like many other radio clubs around the globe, we continue to make every effort to interact with the youth so as to create the next generation of emergency communicators, experimenters and engineers. As our records show, we have reached out to the education institutions and youth associations such as Scouts Belize to open new gateways for radio in Belize.

This year, 2019, is no different. Our work continues. While we will continue reaching out to the educational institutions to promote the hobby, BARC will also continue to work alongside our national frequency spectrum regulators to ensure that ham radio frequencies are standardized and remain free for all radio hobbyists. We will also continue to work with the regulators to establish an updated set of license examinations for new entrants to the hobby.

The work continues at BARC and we thank you all for joining us on this important radio journey.


Emil Rodriguez


Ham Radio in Central America