“New” Belize Amateur Radio Club Admitted to IARU Membership


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11 May 2017

For immediate release

“New” Belize Amateur Radio Club Admitted to IARU Membership

The member-societies ofthe International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) have approved a proposal to admita new representative of the radio amateurs of Belize to IARU membership. As ofthe deadline for voting, 9 May 2017, 77 member-societies had voted in favor ofadmitting the Belize Amateur Radio Club (BARC) with none opposed. There were no
abstentions. The affirmative votes of 55 member-societies were required forapproval.

Belize previously wasrepresented in the IARU by another organization of the same name. Once the IARUAdministrative Council determined that this earlier organization no longerexisted, IARU Region 2 accepted an application for membership from the new BARCand confirmed that it satisfied the requirements of the IARU Constitution andBylaws.

The officers of BARC are:

Emil Rodriguez,V31ER, President

Dr. Andre T.Scholz, V31DL, Vice President and IARU Liaison

Steven Harp, V31SH, Secretary

Contact information:

Web: http://barc.bz

Address: PO Box159, Belmopan, Belize, Central America

Telephone: +501601 6282

Email: see listingat www.iaru.org/member-societies.html

There are now167 IARU member-societies in as many countries and separate territories.