Elementary Students Deploy School SSTV CubeSat from ISS

Students from Saint Thomas More Cathedral School (STM), located in Arlington, VA, have developed a Slow Scan TV ( SSTV) CubeSat and is set to be deployed from the International Space Station ( ISS) on March 7, 2016.

STM students designing antenna to receive data from STMSat-1 – Credit STM

STM takes pride in what is thought to bet the first Elementary school to devise their own satellite. The project consisted of Pre-Kindergarden, Kindergarden and First Grade students being involved in this milestone.

This satellite, a 1U CubeSat called STMSat-1, will transmit a SSTV Robot36 mode signal on 437.800 MHz.

Middle School Students took the initiative to begin the exploration on how to receive data from the CubeSat and thus a Ham Radio Club was formed. As a result of the club, they learned the basics of operating a Ham Radio Station and explored the field of Slow Scan Television as an option for receiving images from this satellite.

Its a wonder… How did 400 Grade School Students build a Nano Satellite?

Possibilities for Belize….